About Us

For over 25 years Purity On Tap has been developing one of the most comprehensive ranges of high quality water filtration products.

Whether it is to protect your prized Koi or Discus or to safeguard your family’s health with pure drinking water, you have come to the right place.

Whether choosing from our Metalex systems for the removal of heavy metals, chlorine removal filters, our Gemini range for drinking water, or our high quality Reverse Osmosis systems we have the perfect filtration solution.

Backed by comprehensive research in accordance with some of the world’s most renowned filter cartridge manufacturers we can assure you of the highest quality of filtration systems built by our own experienced team right here in the UK.

Our filter cartridges are designed specifically for Purity on Tap to our detailed specification and manufactured under license.  Our range of products cannot be found anywhere else or replicated by any other sellers, you can be confident that when you purchase any product from Purity on Tap or any of our approved sellers you are receiving a genuine Purity on Tap product.

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