HI-MET Purification Systems

The "Hi-Met" is based around the "Hilux" and "Hilux 20" respectively but with the new "PM" ion-exchange media, to enhance the removal of Heavy Metals such as Copper, Aluminium, Manganese to levels beyond those achieved even by the superb "Short Travel" carbons and show an excellent reduction of Zinc, which is otherwise a very challenging contaminant, so achieving the "purest" possible water quality. In the past the ion-exchange resins employed in such processes have only worked effectively at very low flow rates making such removal impractical for ponds over 4000 gallons as water changes take forever. Now Purity on Tap have secured supplies of a revolutionary resin, the "PM", which removes toxic "metals" at speeds which permit the Koi-keeper to take advantage of total water purity without having to sacrifice flow, and at prices which put these systems within reach of the average budget.

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